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About Us

Since the time of the foundation of Kentucky News Herald, our focus has always been the satisfaction of our audience. There are various other websites in the market, so the question may arise as to why chose us? The answer is always in the subject, we have created a wide variation of readers, and our target is to provide them with proper articles which are interesting as well as authentic. Spreading rumors are not at all our cup of tea. All our articles in Kentucky News Herald are unique and is influenced by nothing other than facts. We firmly believe in what goes around it comes around and hence we never trick our readers to read something that is not a piece of confirmed news.

We cover mainly four categories which include business, technology, science, and health. All the articles are written with extra care towards the facts, data, and numbers. The references are taken from our most trusted sources. We also believe in citizen journalism and collect news from anonymous sources and process it through thorough research to filter out the unnecessary or faulty information.

Kentucky News Herald is a two-way communication platform, and hence we delightfully accept every type of feedbacks. These feedbacks pave the way for our betterment and help us to get more involved in society.