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Dominancy of iOS In US Is Loved By Apple Fans

Yesterday, Apple shook the tech world by announcing weak iPhone sales, which resulted within the ordinary ferment of opinions about whether or not the most critical issue concerned is: weak spot within the Chinese economy; actually excessive smartphone costs; the shortage of service subsidies making excessive smartphone costs appear extra apparent; harder competitors; or individuals not upgrading telephones due to the battery-substitute program and the truth that new phones aren’t that compelling

Analysts who cowl the US market do not appear fearful. The Apple/Samsung smartphone “duopoly” has remained intact right here within the US, in response to Cliff Maldonado at BayStreet Research, which tracks US phone gross sales. Neil Shah of Counterpoint Research agrees the “share of duopoly” right here within the US has risen at the same time as total US smartphone sales have gone down. Analyst Ben Bajarin factors out that the smartphone market is not in a healthy place proper now.

This might lull Apple, and Apple followers, into complacency. I would warn towards any narrative that claims Apple is doing merely wonderful, and a reducing tide lowers all boats. That is true within the US, and other people are inclined to react to what they see on the streets. However, if you believe that story, you have missed how Apple has been stumbling within the face of opponents that are not even allowed to promote telephones on our shores. Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo, which collectively most likely do not promote sufficient phones within the US to maintain a single Apple Store going.

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